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Functional diagnostics (diagnostic dentistry) is a diagnosis in various areas, including x-rays, electrodiagnostic, and functional diagnostics of the dental system and other modern methods of determining various dental problems.

Thanks to the high-quality diagnostics, it is possible to identify existing problems in time and to choose the right treatment plan. It is impossible to overestimate the importance of diagnosis, because the necessary treatment is also impossible without it. Thus, the diagnosis and treatment of teeth – the processes equally important indivisible.

Timely and high-quality diagnostics can identify not only obvious problems, but also problems which development can still be prevented. Thus, the correct diagnosis of caries will maximize the health of the tooth and prevent its destruction. The same applies to much more complex treatment areas.

Dental diagnostics in our medical center is made using the equipment of the latest generation. So, we conduct any kind of diagnostics, whether it is an x-ray or a panoramic picture of the teeth without harming your health - with minimal exposure and high precision of the examination.

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Price list for diagnostics

Procedure Price
Physician examination 430 UAH
Consultation 750 UAH
Sterile kit 310 UAH
Visiography (sight shot) 300 UAH
Anesthesia 120-400 UAH
Computer Anesthesia 690 UAH
We are located in the center of Kyiv

Kyiv, 6/2, Krutoy spusk
(Bessarabskaya Square)

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