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PRF-therapy in EURODENT dentistry

In dental practice, after various surgical interventions (tooth extraction, sinus lift surgery, implantation, periodontal treatment), patients may experience discomfort or complications, accompanied by pain, swelling, inflammation, loss of bone in the place of the extracted tooth, etc.

Medical scientists make great efforts to improve the efficiency of surgeries and save patients from complications in the postoperative period.

Working in this direction, Dr. J. Choukroun has achieved an outstanding success. The latest development of Dr. J. Choukroun and coauthors is the A-PRF (Advanced Platelet-reach fibrin) and its use in oral and maxillofacial surgery. For the preparation of A-PRF, a small amount of patient's blood taken from a vein is used. The essence of the method lies in the fact that the blood, after sampling from a vein (without adding an anticoagulant), is immediately subjected to preparation in a specially designed centrifuge. During centrifugation, the natural process of blood coagulation occurs, accompanied by platelet activation. The blood platelets release growth factors at the same time. The maximum release of growth factors occurs within an hour. After that, the platelets continue to synthesize an additional amount of growth factors for about 8 more days. The process of blood coagulation makes it possible to easily isolate a leukocyte- and platelet-rich fibrin - A-PRF, in which fibrin is in the form of a high-density mesh. If this clot is “squeezed out”, then a dense fibrin membrane or fibrin “plugs” can be obtained, which are successfully used in plastic surgery.

PRF - a material that is obtained from the patient’s own blood

With extensive bone defects, A-PRF stimulates bone tissue repair. In such surgeries it can be used both independently and with the addition of artificial bone preparations.

When applying an A-PRF-therapy in the postoperative period, all patients had a significant decrease or absence of pain, edema, inflammation and other complications. Healing and restoration of function is much faster!

PRF - platelet-rich fibrin clot

The great advantage of this technique is the absence of any extraneous chemicals that could provoke an allergic reaction, because for the preparation of A-PRF only the patient’s own blood is used.

Indications for A-PRF-therapy::

  • To preserve the height, volume and shape of the bone when removing teeth.
  • Osteoplastics in the field of volume defects:
    • Sinus lifting
    • Alveolar ridge extension
    • Alveolar ridge augmentation
  • Accelerate the healing of soft tissue
  • When installing implants
  • In the treatment of periodontitis

Platelet-reach fibrin - фибрин, обогащенный тромбоцитами

A-PRF - therapy and growth factors are today a part of a new biotechnology, the effectiveness of which has already been proven. Accurate understanding of this technology and its correct use for the benefit of patients, who entrust their health to our hands, is the main task of our clinic.

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