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You need to brush your teeth in the mornings and evenings. Everyone knows this phrase. However, why is professional teeth cleaning so trending? The fact is that the quality of water, lifestyle, and bad habits affect the condition of the teeth. In addition, even the most thorough hygiene of the oral cavity, the use of rinses and floss does not give the desired result.

Professional teeth cleaning at the dentist is a hygienic procedure. It includes the removal of plaque (both pigment and microbial), tartar, cleaning the surface of the tooth from bacteria and microorganisms. Unfortunately, it is not identified with the concept of oral hygiene. Well, you should...

Why do we so insist on carrying out cleaning in the clinic every six months? Plaque on the teeth is not just not aesthetically pleasing. It contains billions of harmful bacteria. Soft deposits may harden and turn into tartar very quickly and dental scale is the cause of many dental problems - from unpleasant breath and periodontal disease to the loss of a tooth.

It is impossible to get rid completely of plaque, and especially of scale, at home. Dental scale cannot be removed with a toothbrush and floss. And the chemical exposure harms the enamel. The dentist in the clinical settings will select a gentle but effective way applicable for a particular case.

Types of dental cleaning

In the office of aesthetic dentistry Eurodent the dentists resort to one of several types of cleaning. Here are three the most popular ways.

Mechanical cleaning

Dental tools or equipment is used to remove very dense, large scale or tartar in hard-to-reach places.

The advantage of the method: solid scale is removed; no temperature effect on the enamel. After the procedure, the tooth surface is polished to reduce the formation of deposits in the future. When using equipment, the tip and the amplitude of its oscillations are individually selected.

Ultrasonic teeth cleaning

A painless and effective method of ultrasonic hygienic cleaning of teeth allows you to remove deposits from the visible part of the tooth and in the periodontal pockets. Removal of dental plaque occurs using the apparatus “Vector”. It is used in periodontics, aesthetic dentistry and prosthetics. Duration of the procedure is about an hour.

The oscillating amplitude is selected individually. The method is gentle, does not damage the oral mucosa, enamel, native teeth and implants. Vibrations penetrate between the tooth tissues and the scale, destroying and removing the latter. The peculiarity is that the vibrations affect the deposits even below the gum line.

Modern ultrasonic cleaning of teeth in Kyiv is effective against resistant plaque. It is indicated for smokers, coffee lovers, testers of spirits (wine, brandy, etc.). In addition, this method is the prevention of caries and periodontal disease.

This way of tooth cleaning is not suitable for children, people with hypersensitive enamel, those who have implants (in case of dental calculus near them).

Air Flow Cleaning

Air Flow is used as the most gentle method of cleaning in case of a small amount of dental tartar. The device gives a stream from air, water and soda (sodium bicarbonate). The mixture under great pressure removes plaque, breaks tartar, and it bounces off the tooth surface. Duration of the procedure is up to half an hour.

The effectiveness of the procedure is very high; it is advisable for smokers, lovers of enamel-staining drinks like coffee and tea. However, the method is used in case of little scale.

This method is not suitable for people with asthma or bronchitis, those, who do not tolerate citrus fruits and pregnant women. You should also choose another method if the enamel is thin or sensitive (in this case, fluoridation of the teeth is preliminarily carried out to strengthen the enamel).

How much it costs to brush your teeth depends on the method chosen, the size of the tartar and its hardness. The doctor of the clinic Eurodent will say the exact price after examination and consultation.

Prevention of tartar and plaque

Soft and hard deposits are built up even with careful dental hygiene. However, if you treat it lightly, professional oral hygiene and dental treatment are likely to be required more often. Bad habits, excessive consumption of coloring drinks accelerate the formation of deposits.

Dental plaque and dental tartar are signal symptoms of many dental problems in the future. It is possible to get rid of it all only after brushing your teeth with the help of dental tools and equipment. In the Eurodent clinic, brushing teeth from plaque and scale is popular with all those who look after themselves and who value the condition and beauty of teeth.

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Cost of professional tooth cleaning

Procedure Price
Removal of dental plaque by ultrasound (one jaw) 350-450 UAH
Removal of dental plaque by ultrasound + Air-Flow (one jaw) 520-690 UAH
Fluoridation of all teeth 85-320 UAH
Ozone sterilization of tooth cavity or root canal 195-295 UAH
Ozone treatment of herpetic eruptions, stomatitis, aft 155 UAH
Laser Anesthetic Therapy 250 UAH
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