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What is periodontium and periodontitis?

Periodontium is a complex morpho-functional complex of tissues that makes up the supporting apparatus of a tooth. Periodontium includes gingiva, alveolar bone, periodontal tissue, tooth root cement (a microlayer covering the root).

Periodontitis is an inflammatory disease of periodontal tissues that occurs when the infection gets into the periodontal environment. Periodontitis is a quite popular disease that requires timely treatment. Neglect of the symptoms of periodontitis can lead to the destruction of the ligament of the tooth root with bone and, as a result, cause the loss of a tooth.

The causes and symptoms of periodontitis

The most common cause of periodontitis is inadequate oral hygiene (irregular or poor-quality cleaning of the teeth, ignoring dental floss, etc.). As a result of insufficient oral care, plaque is accumulating on teeth, which leads to inflammatory processes in the gums (gingivitis). In case of late treatment of gingivitis, it can advance to a more serious disease - periodontitis.

Very often, we do not notice the first symptoms of the disease, we attribute it to a temporary impact of external factors, but it is at this point that the disease penetrates deeper into the tissue and aggravates the situation. At an early stage, when the initial inflammatory process occurs, the microbes overcome their first barrier - the dentogingival junction, passing into the periodontium and the alveolar bone. As a result of this, a periodontal pocket is formed, where microbes become reliably hidden from external influence, they multiply actively, producing enzymes and toxins, which in turn penetrate into the underlying structures, causing their destruction, thus violating the stability of the tooth. At this stage, the disease progresses especially quickly, as the tooth is loosened even more when chewing, spreading microbial aggregations much faster. A chain of these processes results in periodontitis.

You should certainly contact your periodontist if you find such symptoms of periodontitis:

  • redness, swelling and bleeding of the gums;
  • hypersensitivity of the gums;
  • the formation of periodontal pockets;
  • teeth loosening;
  • noticeable dental deposits;
  • purulent discharge between the teeth and gums;
  • bad breath and taste disturbance.

What periodontitis looks like

Treatment of periodontal diseases with the “Vector” device

Vector is an ultrasound machine used in dentistry for removing dental plaque, polishing the tooth root in the process of complex treatment of periodontal diseases.

Vector-therapy refers to the conservative treatment of gum disease. The procedure lasts no more than one hour and, in most cases, does not require local anesthesia.

During the procedure, soft and hard dental deposits (“scale”) under the gum are removed. It is very important to remove all deposits from under the gums in the most accurate way, since the remaining dental scale will continue to irritate and infect the surrounding tissues and we will not get the desired result.

Using ultrasonic waves, “Vector” apparatus destroys the biofilm with harmful bacteria and toxic products of their vital activity in the periodontal pocket, washes them out of these pockets. At the same time, the tooth root is polished, which is also very important for the prevention and treatment of periodontitis. On a well-polished root, dental deposits accumulate much more slowly.To remove the "scale" from under the gums and polish the tooth root in the periodontal pocket is possible only with the help of the apparatus “Vector”. Following such treatment, inflammation process is eliminated, normal blood circulation in the periodontal tissues is restored, thereby creating conditions for regeneration, the gums take on a healthy shade, unpleasant smell from the mouth is also eliminated, and the level of tooth mobility is reduced.

Regular Vector-therapy significantly slows down the development of periodontitis and helps stabilize and prolong the remission stage in periodontal tissues!

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