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Caries is an insidious dental disease. You can even lose a tooth, if not to start the treatment in time. Its literal translation sounds "rotting." And it is indeed the case. Food, mixing with saliva, bacteria and microorganisms, oxidizes, deteriorates, rot and causes the destruction of enamel and decay of hard tooth tissues. The reasons may be different. But you definitely need the help of a qualified dentist.

Why does dental caries appear?

Dental caries affects both permanent and baby teeth. Everything starts with the demineralization of enamel - the stage of a stain. It is still small, but gradually the process covers the whole tooth. Your teeth became sensitive to sweet, sour food, cold, hot and even the air when you inhale it with your mouth. But very often, a carious tooth lesion is completely asymptomatic.

Price for tooth decay treatment in Kyiv

Unfortunately, it is not always possible to independently recognize the probability of an advanced dental caries. Therefore, we recommend visiting the dentist regularly to prevent the development of dental caries at the early stages.

Test yourself. Does one of the statements apply to you?

  • Poor quality care or irregular care of the teeth and oral cavity.
  • Genetic predisposition.
  • «Bad» water – hard water with a minimum content of fluorine, calcium and other mineral nutrients.
  • Poor metabolism.
  • Excess sugar in the diet.
  • Diseases of the digestive tract.
  • Excessive carbonated soft drinks.
  • Lack of vitamins in the diet.
  • Lack of solid with an excess of soft food.
  • Picking tooth with metal objects.
  • Cracking nuts with your teeth.

If at least a few points coincide, plan a visit to the dentist. The listed reasons cause demineralization of tooth enamel first, and then destruction of tooth tissue.

Stages of caries development

Stages of dental caries

There are several stages of dental caries development. We can determine them during the patient's visit to the dentist.

  • Initial caries. The spot can be microscopic and distinguishable only with careful examination. Demineralization of tooth enamel has just begun. In this case, we carry out remineralization to restore enamel.
  • Superficial caries. Foci affected by caries are already visible within the tooth enamel. The tooth may react painfully to the temperature of the food, sour or sweet food.
  • Medium or dentin caries. Dentin is already affected or, otherwise, a hole is in the tooth. Carious cavity is already expressed.
  • Deep caries. A tooth is covered with decay almost to the pulp (dental nerve). The pain is short-term, appears during eating or mechanical irritation and subsides when a person stops chewing or drinking. With cervical caries, the “black mark” on the tooth cavity is already visible even if self-examined. It will take some time to get the pulpitis.

What steps should be taken to avoid tooth extraction should also be made clear upon examination. In the most extreme case, the tooth is removed and a new implantation is performed. But we are trying to save a native tooth in every possible way.

How does the tooth decay treatment work in Eurodent dentistry?

Tooth decay treatment is equal to put a filling. How to come up with something new? Caries is treated differently in the clinic Eurodent. Dentists face the challenge - to do everything possible to save the tooth. Choosing the method of caries treatment, they know exactly what they are doing, and to what result their actions will lead. In Eurodent you will be offered the most advanced ideas.

We will not describe in detail, what the treatment procedure is and how much does the tooth decay treatment cost, because the price, choice of therapy, its duration and complexity depend on the type of caries. In short, the treatment steps are as follows.

  • Oral cavity is examined the to determine the type of caries: superficial, dentin caries or deep caries. Whether only the dentin is affected or the tooth root has already suffered.
  • An anesthetic is injected.
  • The affected tooth cavity is thoroughly cleaned under local anesthesia.
  • The affected area is often sealed with a photopolymer. Sometimes it is better to put a ceramic inlay. There are also state-of-the-art methods for preparing-free caries treatment by the method of penetration (Icon system)

Eurodent-specialists are not limited to simple fillings. They restore teeth in order to restore the appearance and functional qualities of a sick tooth.

Prevention of caries

You can avoid the appearance of dental caries. These are simple steps to reduce the risk of caries: combine soft and hard foods, thoroughly brush your teeth and tongue after eating, use rinses, dental floss to clean between teeth, take care of them.

Moreover, do not forget to visit the dentist every six months for an examination and professional tooth cleaning.

The most important is the patient's responsible attitude to their health. It helps to save the tooth. Advanced stage of caries may lead to tooth extraction, indeed.

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Cost of dental caries treatment

Procedure Price
Anesthesia 195-265 UAH
STA computer anesthesia 475 UAH
Glass Ionomer filling 685 UAH
Photopolymer filling depending on the degree of tooth destruction 682-1815 UAH
"Icon" technology (the newest approach to treatment of caries without preparation) 1500 UAH
Treatment of a single-rooted tooth (processing with a hand instrument, filling with the method of lateral condensation) 715 UAH
Treatment of a single-rooted tooth (processing with a rotor instrument, hot gutta percha filling) 965 UAH
Treatment of a single-rooted tooth under a microscope 5510 UAH
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