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Smooth teeth by nature, white enamel, unfortunately, are not eternal. Nibbling seeds, cracking nuts, even biting off a whole apple, not to mention unhealthy diet, as well as mechanical friction, injuries, bad habits cause a change in the shade of tooth enamel, tooth chipping and cracking. The appearance of the dentition suffers; the person feels discomfort.

Dentists at the Eurodent clinic offer to try “Veneers installation”. With these extremely thin micro-prosthetics you will have a Hollywood smile. Of course, if the procedure is performed professionally and efficiently, and we guarantee this.

Installation of Veneers in Eurodent dentistry, Kyiv

Dental veneers - ceramic plates with a thickness of 0.3 mm to 0.5 mm. Despite the thickness, they are strong and durable. They are fixed on the outer surface of the side and front teeth, blocking their defect.

Semitransparent material merges with the color of the tooth, and the texture of veneers is indistinguishable from the texture of natural teeth, moreover, their hardness is not inferior to those of natural.

Indications and contraindications for installing veneers

Installing dental veneers on teeth do not require any surgery. Their installation is not associated with pain and long habituation. At the same time, the method of installing micro-prosthetics for a patient is comfortable, although it is a high-tech process.

In which cases we recommend to install dental onlays?

  • There are chips, cracks or chinks in the dentition.
  • Violation of teeth shape.
  • Gap between the teeth.
  • The dentition has worn out with age.
  • Erosion of hard tooth tissues has developed.
  • If you are not satisfied with the shade of enamel or if it is has changed
  • The structure of dental tissue has changed.

The advantage of this type of micro-prosthetics is that the tooth surface is subjected to minimal processing; it is smoothed only for a tighter fit of the plate.

Installing veneers is necessary. Caries and erosion may advance in the damaged tooth, cracks and chipping increase. There is a risk of losing it at all. A plate protects teeth from destruction.

The main condition for installing micro-prosthetics is the presence of a native tooth with a preserved nerve. A pulpless tooth subsequently complicates its fluoridation and remineralization under micro-prosthetics, since the nerve provides nourishment to hard dental tissues with the substances necessary for vital activity.

The second condition - the patient must be of age. By age of 18, dental bone tissue completes the formation process. From this age on, dental veneers will already fit tight to the tooth surface, without risking any movement or detachment.

Types of veneers

Dental veneers are made from various materials. They affect the durability and cost of veneers. And their manufacturing process is also different.

Composite veneers

There is a technique of direct veneers. They are made from highly aesthetic photopolymer materials. This composite material has a number of advantages.

  • Short process times. Such dental veneers are made directly in the dentist’s office in one visit.
  • Laboratory. Lab services are not necessary. This affects the timing and price of the micro-prosthetics.
  • User parameters: onlays are elastic, and the doctor can adjust their shade and shape during the patient's first visit.
  • Reliability. Proved to be excellent in use.

Composite dental veneers are installed on both front and posterior teeth, restoring one or two elements of the dentition. Their advantage is the minimum processing of enamel, low cost and short production time. The durability depends on how oral hygiene is carried out - usually 7-10 years.

Ceramic veneers

There is a technique of indirect veneers, when a laboratory is required for their manufacture.

Glass ceramics or dental porcelain is a durable material. You can choose a shade as close as possible to the enamel color of healthy teeth. The translucent structure looks natural; as a result, a plate looks natural even when looking at closely.

The advantage of the material is its strength, so we install dental veneers both on front and posterior teeth.

Ceramic onlays can be installed on healthy teeth, which are chipped or cracked, including pulpless or damaged teeth.

They have several nuances:

  • It is necessary to remove the microscopic layer of enamel. This should be done to fit the plate more closely to the tooth surface;
  • Manufacture of veneers, their fitting and final fitting will require more time - in most cases 2 visits with a 10-day break between them, during which micro-prosthetics are made in the laboratory.
  • The price of veneers is high, but it is due to the high quality of these micro-prosthetics.

Average lifespan for veneers is about 20 years. Their installation does not affect the quality of life. You can eat without fear, brush your teeth, smile, as before. However, it is not recommended to crack nuts, crush bones, pick with metal objects as well as in case of healthy teeth.

Zirconia veneers

Micro-prosthetics are durable due to the ceramic-coated zirconia base. The manufacturing process requires care and adherence to technology, otherwise there is a risk of spoiling ceramics.

Externally, the zirconium oxide onlays are similar to natural teeth, they serve for a long time, but their price is higher than that of ceramic veneers. Moreover, a laboratory with special dental equipment is needed for their manufacture.


Lumineers are much thinner than veneers - 0.2 mm. But their strength is similar to the latter.

To install the lumineers, you do not even need minimum grinding of the tooth. They are fixed on the tooth surface with the help of a compound that is not destroyed by water, food, drinks, toothpaste, medicines and saliva. The structure withstands color pigments, tooth brushing, physical impact.

Lumineers also allow you to hide defects and make your smile luxurious. Service life is also approximately 20 years.

We do not persuade our clients to give preference to one or another type of veneers. We take into account the wishes of patients and give recommendations only on the basis of clinical features.

How we install dental veneers in Eurodent Dental Clinic

It will take two visits to an aesthetic dentistry specialist to make your teeth white, smooth and beautiful.

The first visit is introductory. The dentist determines the type of veneer, if necessary, heals the damaged tooth, processes and polishes it. Next, he makes an impression of tooth where the veneer will be installed, and places a temporary filling for the time the micro-prosthetics are made.

The second visit is the main one. The dentist checks the veneers fitting to the tooth surface and, if everything is perfect, installs them.

In rare cases, a correction will be needed, in this case the doctor will schedule another appointment for the patient.

After procedure completion, our doctors strongly recommend regularly visit the dentist to make sure that dental veneers are well fixed and have not moved or detached.

Why is it worth making an appointment with us

The competition in the market of dental services is increased. Clients, who once visited the dentist of our clinic, come back again, if necessary, for a routine examination or professional teeth cleaning or recommend us to friends and acquaintances.

We offer complex dental services. This includes an examination and treatment by a dentist, general practitioner, periodontist, orthodontist, dental surgeon, and other specialists.

The staff of Eurodent Dental Clinic are top-class specialists. Doctors are smiling and friendly and ideal condition of everyone’s teeth is the best promotion of their services.

Tooth treatment and its feasibility is discussed at each stage. Our dentists are ready to devote to each patient as much time as the situation requires, including overcoming the fear of the dental office. Adults come to us; children are brought to us. We are ready to offer both budgetary treatment at a high level and exclusive services.

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Price list for veneers

Procedure Price
Composite veneer 3500 UAH
Ceramic veneer от 6825 UAH

Стоимость лечения

Процедура Цена
Консультация врача 500 грн
Консультация врача 500 грн
Консультация врача 500 грн
Консультация врача 500 грн
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