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Sinus lifting (bone grafting) is an increase in the volume of the bone tissue of the upper alveolar ridge to the appropriate height required for the installation of a dental implant.

The fact is that, due to a number of factors (anatomical, or long-term absence of a tooth), the thickness of the upper jaw bone tissue may decrease. At the same time, it becomes impossible to place the implant and the bone tissue volume needs to be restored. In other words, the sinus lift is indicated for everyone who needs to install an implant on the upper jaw in the maxillary sinus area, and the bone tissue is too thin for this.

In such cases, the two main methods of sinus lifting are applied:

Closed sinus lift procedure

Closed sinus lift is a more benign intervention: the mucous membrane of the sinus floor is moved through the implant bed with the help of an osteotome chisel or a surgical cutter. Next, the resulting cavity is filled with osteoplastic material.

Open sinus lift procedure

In case of open sinus lift, the filling of the cavity occurs through a small “window” made in the side wall of the sinus.

Sinus lifting and other osteoplastic in our clinic are performed with the use of both artificial bone material and patient bone material; and we use A-PRF technology for fast healing and recovery after the surgery.

During implantation, our surgeons use various implant systems of the best world manufacturers, but preference is given to BICON implants. When using the “BICON”. system, there is no need for sinus lifting and other bone plastics operations in the vast majority of cases. It is due to its design and the patented implantation technology.

However, if the bone tissue volume is too small and sinus lift is necessary, you should in no case be afraid of it, despite the seriousness of this surgery. After all, the surgery opens up the possibility of replenishing the teeth of the upper jaw with an insufficient amount of bone tissue and is really worth doing it. The best specialists of our medical center conduct sinus lift surgeries on the basis of only the latest, and at the same time, thoroughly proven technologies, for years. The proof to that - a huge number of grateful patients.

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Cost of bone grafting

Procedure Price
Bone grafting with Stimul-Oss, Russia 550 UAH
Bone plastics material "Biomin", Ukraine 1325 UAH
Bone grafting with Syntho-Graft, America 7165 UAH
A-PRF therapy - accelerated recovery of bone defects using own blood-derived biomaterials (1 tube) New!!! 1020 UAH

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Консультация врача 500 грн
Консультация врача 500 грн
Консультация врача 500 грн
Консультация врача 500 грн
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