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A beautiful smile plays into the hands of your own image. It can be spoiled by crooked teeth, and strengthened thanks to bite correction. Uneven teeth are not a sentence. This is a wake-up call for you to contact the Eurodent Dental Clinic, which will offer top-class service at a reasonable cost.

Dental bite is the position of the teeth in the dentition with the jaws closed. With the right bite, the dentition is even and beautiful, the speech is free of articulation defects. This is the anatomically perfect dentition, that is, orthognathic bite. However, it is extremely rare. 75-80% of people, both children and adults, have irregular bite.

Bite correction

  • The upper or lower jaw protrudes forward.
  • The teeth are in the shape of a “fan”
  • Teeth do not form an even dentition.
  • Large gaps between the teeth.
  • Crowded teeth.

The reason may be genetical or congenital, and acquired: finger or dummy sucking, tooth curvature during teething, abnormal growth of a permanent tooth at the site of the milk one, injury, disease, etc.

The abnormal dental bite should not be ignored. Due to improper loading of the teeth, the enamel is wearing, chips, cracks, hypersensitivity appear, and patients often complain that they bite the cheek or lip. It happens that the face becomes asymmetrical owing to violation of the bite height. This is a serious problem and then you need to consult an orthodontist.

It may be mistaken to suppose, that bite should be practiced when the baby teeth are replaced by permanent ones. The dentition is forming yet at an early age. Therefore, the sooner the orthodontist is engaged in the alignment of the teeth, the more effective and quicker the method and the result will be.

Bite correction methods

Aesthetic dentistry Eurodent offers innovative methods of orthodontic bite correction - with the help of removable structures, braces of various types and shapes and aligners invisible to the eye.

Prices of bite correction in Kyiv

After the examination of the dentition and oral cavity, the doctor will decide, which method will be effective.

  • Removable plates and trainers used in pediatric orthodontics.
  • Kappa (mouth guard) is a removable disc, similar to a local bleaching unit. It is put on the teeth. It is thin and almost imperceptible. With the help of a kappa, a small bite defect can be corrected.
  • Aligners are bite correction devices without braces. They are similar in action to a kappa, but more technologically advanced.
  • Braces are fixed equipment. There are many types of braces. This is the usual, the composite, and the design braces. If we consider, that they need to be worn on average for a year and a half, you can put a beautiful system of braces. Metal braces are rarely used. The innovative product offered by the Eurodent clinic is sapphire braces. They are transparent, and brace clips become almost invisible with the use of an orthodontic arch in the tone of enamel.
  • Lingual braces installed on the inside of the teeth.

Bite correction is possible at any age. It applies to both milk teeth and permanent ones.

Bite correction at Eurodent

The procedure begins with a consultation. You choose a system - visible, invisible, external or lingual.

The correct installation of braces depends on the diagnosis. It is important to make an impression of tooth, where the system can be attached. In the dental laboratory of Eurodent Clinic, impressions are made based on a survey X-ray, tomography and explanations of the orthodontist.

The doctor assigns the date of installation of braces. Each brace clip is attached to the tooth with a special gel. Fixing is tight, ingress of food and water under the clip is excluded. An arch (wire) is pulled through clips and fixed inside them.

Next, the doctor will schedule your next visits (usually once a month) to adjust the system and talk about your personal oral hygiene.

You should wear braces for year or two.

Please note! You should eat soft food while wearing braces. Do not bite off raw fruits, vegetables, but cut off a small piece with a knife and put it into your mouth. The ban is imposed on seeds, nuts, crackers, biting threads and wires. Otherwise, the braces may be damaged.

Correcting the wrong bite changes life. The smile becomes more open and beautiful, patients (even small ones) become more self-confident. Teeth can move and we will prove it.

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The cost of bite correction

Procedure Price
Removable laminar dentures 4180 UAH
Fixed laminar dentures 1995 UAH
Extraoral appliances (face mask, etc.) 2100 UAH
Functional dental devices (retainer, activator, elasto-aligner, tire, etc.) 2415 UAH
Aligners (Set-up, Essix, Ortho-snap, Invisalign, etc.) New!!! От 1995 UAH
Metal Braces 14175 UAH
Ceramic Braces 17010 UAH
Sapphire Braces От 16960 UAH
Lingual Braces От 31500 UAH
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