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Ozone therapy for the prevention and treatment of dental diseases

Small ozonizer with great features!

The usefulness and multi-functionality of ozone therapy is due to the excellent properties of ozone and singlet oxygen itself: immunostimulating, bactericidal, fungicidal, anti-inflammatory, detoxifying effects etc.

Ozone is an unstable gas and due to diffusion, it penetrates into the surface layer of soft tissues of the body, and the electromagnetic field of the device helps it penetrate to a depth of more than 1 cm. Ozone has a prolonged effect on the moist surface of the oral mucosa, because it has a longer disintegration time in liquid than in air.

Active singlet oxygen is formed twice during the treatment procedure, the first time when ozone is formed (О2+О=О3), the second time when it decays (О32+О). This allows the doctor to work with the device in normal clinical conditions without special requirements and without creating a vacuum in treatment area.

In addition, ozone replaces all today known antibiotics, has no side effects, does not cause allergies, is painless and reliable in the fight against viruses and bacteria. Bacteria are not resistant to ozone and do not mutate. Atomic oxygen acting on the weak membrane of bacteria physically destroys it and the bacterium dies. In order to achieve surface decontamination, 10 seconds of treatment is enough; for deeper penetration, the procedure may last 1-2 minutes.

Ozone practically does not affect nuclear cellular organisms due to the density of the surface membrane of such cells.

Ozone has proven to be highly effective in dentistry and is mainly used for::

  • prevention of caries and secondary caries;
  • prevention of diseases of the oral mucosa;
  • sterilization and treatment of infected root canals;
  • disinfection and treatment of bleeding periodontal pockets;
  • treatment of oral mucosa tissue, periodontitis, stomatitis, necrotic gingivitis, pericoronitis, aphthae, oral candidiasis, etc.;
  • treating skin tissues around the mouth, eliminate herpes;
  • treatment of inflammatory processes, neurosis and their prevention;
  • tissue processing during, before and after surgical interventions;
  • to enrich the blood with oxygen;
  • to stimulate the immune system.

Examples of effectiveness of ozone generator (on the left - before processing / on the right - after processing)

Examples of effectiveness of ozone generator (on the left - before processing / on the right - after processing)

A simple and effective method of treating diseases of the oral mucosa, skin, etc.;

The operational concept of the device is based on the generation of ozone in therapeutic concentration, which can be regulated by a doctor at 15 levels. Ozone is made up from the air surrounding tissue while a spark passing through the air.

When using probes-nozzles, ozone is produced directly at the treatment site.

If a special container is used, ozone is generated inside it, without going outside, and then easily removed with a plastic syringe and used for its intended purpose.

The use of a container has some advantages and disadvantages compared with the use of a probe-nozzle.


  • it is possible to carry out ozone treatment of deep cavities, beyond the apical zone, root canals, fistulas, deep gum pockets, etc.
  • you can ozonate water or liquids before their direct use, for example, rinsing the mouth after scaling or surgery;
  • patient feels no discomfort and no pain in the presence of micro cracks in the enamel of the vital teeth, especially in the cervical area, which can be caused by a weak discharge of electric current;
  • treatment procedures are much simpler for children and at-risk patients;
  • the likelihood of damage to the probe-nozzles is decreased.
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