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One of the most common diseases of the oral cavity is periodontitis. It happens in 50% of people under the age of 18, and the disease occurs in 95% of those who have reached the age of 30. Early diagnosis and timely periodontal treatment in the dental clinic Eurodent will help to identify and eliminate the signs of the disease and save the tooth. Therefore, the dentists insist on a preventive examination every six months.

Periodontitis. Where does this disease come from?

Periodontitis is an inflammation that covers all the soft tissues surrounding the tooth, that is, periodontal disease. Its deceit is that lesions of the gums and other alveolar tissues lead to bleeding, periodontal pyorrhea and tooth loosening. Moreover, this is subsequently fraught with tooth loss.

Check if the following statements apply to you

  • Poor oral hygiene: irregular cleaning of teeth and gums, poor toothpaste and brush.
  • Dental scale.
  • Lack of vitamins and microelements in the diet: calcium, fluorine, vitamins A, C, B.
  • Insufficient blood supply to the gums.
  • Excess of soft food.
  • Bad habits.

If you have some of these characteristics, you should definitely consult a periodontist.

Symptoms and course of ф periodontal disease

This is an insidious disease, because it follows asymptomatically in the early stages and does not cause significant inconvenience. Therefore, many patients think, for example, bleeding gums is a result of its accidental mechanical damage with a stiff toothbrush or solid food.

Periodontal treatment in Eurodent, Kyiv

First stage

You feel weak discomfort. It is suspicious if:

  • Your gums are bleeding;
  • You have an unpleasant smell from the mouth even after cleaning the teeth;
  • Your gums are itching;
  • You feel pain when food gets stuck between your teeth;
  • Chewing process is painful.

People often make little account of these symptoms. However, microbes, falling into the gap between the tooth and gum (gum pocket), begin to multiply and damage the periodontal tissue.

Then it can advance to gingivitis, which, without being treated, may advance to periodontitis. Therefore, you cannot ignore the symptoms of periodontitis. It is better to consult a doctor at the initial stage of disease.

Second stage

At a later stage, periodontal pockets deepen, exposing the bone tissue of the tooth. These symptoms cannot be ignored.

  • The gums have loose surface.
  • A healthy tooth becomes loose.
  • Due to the lowering of the gums, the teeth react to sour-sweet, cold-hot food and pressure.
  • Pus is secreting from the gums.

The disease is progressing quickly due to the increased sensitivity of soft tissues and the risk of loss of a healthy tooth increases.

Third stage

The periodontal pocket becomes even deeper and pain increases.

  • Oral cavity swells.
  • The necks of the tooth root become exposed.
  • Eating, brushing your teeth cause severe pain.

Sometimes it is not possible to save the tooth at a late stage, because the fixation of the tooth is broken due to the destruction of soft tissues. In addition, the periodontal inflammatory process causes associated cardiac and endocrinology diseases.

Periodontal treatment at the Eurodent clinic

Eurodent periodontists use all the experience and complex therapy to prevent tooth extraction. One of the innovative treatment methods is Vector-therapy. It allows you to cope with the advanced case of periodontitis.

The device "Vector" (Vector) treats the periodontium with ultrasound. It effectively removes plaque, scale, bacteria in the periodontal pocket and thus treats gingivitis and periodontitis. The uniqueness of the apparatus is not only in productivity, but also in painlessness. Therefore, the patient does not experience pain during the procedure.

In the case of medical treatment of the periodontal pocket, dentists by Eurodent carefully remove all deposits. Otherwise their remnants will further cause inflammation, and the result of treatment will be unsatisfactory. The Vector device described above also polishes the tooth root, preventing the dental deposits from accumulating.

If periodontal pockets are already formed, the treatment begins with non-surgical debridement. In severe cases, you must use surgical debridement.

Prevention of periodontitis

The appearance of periodontitis can be delayed if you carefully treat your health.

  • Brush your teeth twice a day.
  • Use dental floss to clean between your teeth.
  • Use mouth rinse.
  • Revise your diet and add more solid food.
  • Take vitamins.
  • Regularly visit the dentist.

Dentists of Eurodent clinic will assist in treatment of periodontitis at any stage of its progress.

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Price list for periodontal treatment

Procedure Price
Vector-therapy 1 jaw 3470 UAH
Vector-therapy (both jaws) 5570 UAH
Non-surgical debridement (1 jaw) 4410 UAH
Non-surgical debridement (2 jaws) 7495 UAH
Bacterial swab test 1010 UAH
Ozone therapy for gums 980 грн
Laser biostimulation 650 UAH

Стоимость лечения

Процедура Цена
Консультация врача 500 грн
Консультация врача 500 грн
Консультация врача 500 грн
Консультация врача 500 грн
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