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When high precision and thorough accuracy of the dentist’s actions are needed, dental treatment under the microscope is held at the Eurodent clinic.

The difference between treatment using a microscope and treatment using no microscope

The difference between one method of teeth treatment and other can be seen from the names. In the first case, a dental microscope is used, which increases the area of impact by a factor of 20. In the usual dental procedure, the doctor relies on a dental X-ray image, his own experience, tactile senses, and is armed with a dental mirror and instruments familiar to many visitors of dental clinics. The features of the procedure in detail are as follows.

  • The dentist sees every micron of damaged tooth tissue and works with them without touching healthy ones.
  • Focal light is directed to the surgery area.
  • The patient does not sit in a chair, but is lying comfortably on a pillow.
  • The doctor sits in the back, not leaning over the client, as during a normal visit.
  • A “hand” with a microscope lens is located 25 cm above the patient. It is also convenient from the psychological point of view, since the distance from the dentist makes you feel more relaxed. If there is a dentophobia, dental treatment with a microscope eliminates your fears.

Situations in which the dentist uses a microscope

Based on computed tomography data, the dentist conducts manipulations, continuously looking into the microscope eyepiece. The image is transmitted to the monitor, which is controlled by the assistant and the assistant then delivers the required materials or tools as needed.


The patient complains of discomfort or pain. However, neither the X-ray image nor the examination with a dental mirror show the cause of the pain.

The microscope will accurately determine calcifications, micro cracks or fractures in the teeth and other causes of tooth pain. By showing caries at an early stage, it is possible to prevent its further progression.

Teeth restoration

Micro-cracks in the enamel will cause chipping or cracking.

Restoration of a tooth using a microscope makes it possible to achieve high aesthetics and quality, which will help to avoid a fundamental intervention in the future.

Treatment of tooth canals under a microscope

The main purpose of the microscope in dentistry is still root canal treatment.

The diameter of the canal is less than one millimeter. A microscope visually increases it by 20 times - up to 2 cm, showing the entrance to the canal. When treating with a microscope, the review is not blocked by a dentist’s hand.

The structure of canals is complex; they have numerous branches. Thanks to the microscope, the canals, which are not only visible, but also curved, difficult-to-determine, additional, become accessible to survey, diagnosis and treatment, and the course of canals can be investigated.

Sometimes it is necessary to unseal the canal in order to clean it, to disinfect it, and to re-treat it even through a metal-ceramic crown. Using a microscope can save a tooth, whereas without it only removal would be shown.

Very effective treatment of the teeth roots under a microscope is in case of retreatment.

Remnants of the filling material are removed without damaging the healthy tissues of the dental root.

This method is also effective when treating adolescents. In case when tooth decay (caries) treatment turned out to be ineffective, the only possible way to save the tooth is to treat the roots under a microscope. The tooth roots in adolescents have not fully formed, which complicates the process of treatment. Foreign microorganisms infect the root canal, causing damage to the tooth. Using a microscope, the doctor closes the unformed tooth root apex with a special material, making it impenetrable to bacteria.

We often treat patients who have pieces of broken instruments in the root canals. To remedy the situation, in order to save a tooth, it is necessary to remove a piece of the instrument to restore the patency of the canal and further treat it. After all, foreign body in size of a tenth of a millimeter is enough for inflammation of bone tissue. Thanks to the microscope, our ability to save teeth has expanded considerably. We save teeth "sentenced" to be removed.

Preventive measures

We practice the examination of gums, tooth roots for the purpose of prevention. With the help of a microscope, it becomes possible to detect signs of the disease and eliminate them in time by conducting professional dental hygiene.

Technique used in the clinic Eurodent

Eurodent dentists use modern dental microscopes with a 20 - fold increase. A lamp is built into the microscope. It gives focal light directly to the area of impact. A highly qualified assistant monitors the progress of the operation and delivers the tools and materials to the dentist in time.

Endoscopic dental treatment using a microscope is a guarantee that the tooth will be completely treated and not a single defect or a vulnerable place will be missed.

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Сost of dental treatment under the microscope

Procedure Price
Treatment of twice-rooted tooth under a microscope 7720 UAH
Treatment of three-rooted tooth under a microscope 7720 UAH

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Консультация врача 500 грн
Консультация врача 500 грн
Консультация врача 500 грн
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