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Sedation is a great achievement in the field of medicine in general and is a big plus for patients of dental clinics. Thanks to the use of special preparations, you are falling into deep sleep without feeling any anxiety or fear, while the doctor does his job.

Sleep Dentistry is widely practiced today for a number of reasons. The main ones are absolute comfort in the treatment process for both parties, the ability to perform a large amount of work at once (multiple to 3-5 visits to the dentist- you save a lot of valuable time), difficult treatment of children's problems (the child is not nervous, not afraid and does not risk to get fear of dentist).

As you can see, dental treatment under anesthesia has a large number of advantages and extremely busy people often resort to it. In addition, dentistry under general anesthesia is also indicated in a number of other cases: for example, if a patient has a strong gag reflex that makes it difficult to treat distant teeth or is allergic to drugs used in alternative anesthesia.

Experienced anesthesiologists work in our medical center - it is under their control that not only the process of treatment or surgery takes place, but also a thorough examination is carried out both before and after the whole scope of the work performed.

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Cost of sedation

Procedure Price
Dental treatment with sedation 5200 UAH
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Kyiv, 6/2, Krutoy spusk
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