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The prosthetic dentistry involves the restoration of the shape of a destroyed tooth, as well as the replacement of lost teeth. The procedures for restoring chewing function using dental prostheses are sometimes only used when ordinary dental restoration is not possible. And we always want a smile to be dazzling again, without feeling discomfort in everyday life. Moreover, dental prosthetics do not allow the neighboring teeth to deteriorate, change the bite position, which is what happens if you do not visit a dentist in time.

Indications for prosthetics

Prosthetics can handle almost any dental problems. The most important indication for this procedure is the absence of one or several teeth in the dentition. There is a list of cases in which it is directly prescribed, more objectively, they are as follows.

  • Partial or total tooth decay (odontoclasis)
  • Damaged enamel.
  • Defects as cracks and chips.
  • Deviated dentition.
  • The neglected form of caries, when ordinary fillings no longer save the situation.
  • The gap between adjacent teeth.
  • The absence of one or more teeth.
  • Complete absence of teeth on one or both jaws.
  • Teeth wear.

Prosthetic dentistry has no particular contraindications. Moreover, those that are present can be called relative. After an individual consultation, the doctors of Eurodent clinic will select materials and methods of prosthetics particularly for you.

The advantages of dental prosthetics

The installation of dental prostheses is a faster method than implantation. It is the restoration of chewing, verbal and aesthetic functions. However, these advantages of the method are not limited.

  • You can forget about the problems with your teeth in the shortest possible time. The terms of manufacture of dental prostheses are different. It all depends on the complexity of the work. Usually, the process lasts one to two weeks.
  • The cost of dental prosthetics is lower than that of implantation. The Eurodent dentistry offers a decent selection of materials for the manufacture of prostheses. We will select the one that will suit you both in quality and in price.
  • You can select both the restoration of a single tooth, or complete dental prosthetics.
  • Universality - This method suits the absolute majority of patients due to a lack of significant contraindications.
  • Hypoallergenic - The range of prosthetic materials allows you to choose one, which will not cause an allergic reaction.
  • Lack of galvanic syndrome – this is a metallic taste in the mouth due to an incorrect combination of different types of metal.

So, do not delay - this is an inexpensive opportunity to make a smile beautiful again.

Types of prosthetics

Doctors of Eurodent dentistry install several types of prostheses.

  • Fixed prostheses.
  • Removable prostheses.

Fixed prostheses are fixed on the teeth. The most common are crowns, dental veneers (thin plates on the front teeth), and inlays. A few crowns, replacing the missing tooth and connected in one design, are called bridges. More details about veneers and inlays can be found here (link).

It happens that the fixed structure cannot be installed. Then the dentists resort to removable dentures. Many people know about clasp dental prosthesis, which are a type of removable prosthetics. They are installed when chewing teeth, including wisdom teeth, are absent.

Nevertheless, when comparing the usability feature of removable and non-removable prostheses, the priority is given to crowns, veneers and other types of fixed structures. After all, you need to get used to removable dentures.

Materials used

In the Eurodent dental clinic, an orthopedist will select a material that will not cause an allergic reaction, rejection, will satisfy the client in terms of quality and cost.

Fixed prostheses can be made of metal-ceramic or metal-free ceramics, that is, be all-ceramic. The metal-ceramic crown is already familiar to both dentists and patients. Metal-free ceramics is a newer material for Ukraine. According to the characteristics (shade, degree of transparency, hardness) it is similar to tooth enamel, and therefore more aesthetic. Moreover, bio-inert, galvanic and allergic reaction are excluded with it.

Zirconium oxide for making crowns and inlays has the same qualities. This is one of the most advanced materials to date.

How is the prosthesis procedure in the clinic Eurodent

Making removable or non-removable prostheses, its installation differs in some nuances, but the general course of the procedure is similar.

  • During the first visit, the dentist at the Eurodent Clinic will talk about prosthetic techniques that are suitable for a particular case.
  • If necessary, pre-treatment of the teeth is carried out: cleaning and treatment of canals, caries, removal of dental scale.
  • Next, the teeth are prepared for prosthetics: dental X-ray image, grinding or preparation, and then strengthening with dental posts.
  • Impressions of the upper and lower jaws are made.
  • Teeth are treated with temporary crowns in order to ensure integrity and beauty.
  • Impressions and plans are sent to the laboratory manufacturing prostheses.
  • Prostheses are manufactured taking into account the patient's wishes for the color, transparency, and shape of the teeth.

If necessary, fitting and adjustments of dentures are made at the intermediate stage of their manufacture.

And finally, the prosthesis is installed in the oral cavity. After some time, it is recommended that one comes for a checkup. The dentist must ensure that the prosthesis performs its functions and does not cause inconveniences for the client.

We want our patients to openly smile, and prosthetics is the best method that will help make your smile perfect. The doctors of Eurodent clinic, who provide their services in the Ukrainian market for over 20 years, will gladly help you with this.

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Price list for prosthetics

Procedure Price
Metal-ceramic dental crown 5460 UAH
Metal-ceramic crown on the implant 6550 UAH
Metal-free crown / Cercon 7860 UAH
Cercon crown on implant 10500 UAH
Dental veneers 6825 UAH
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