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If your gums are bleeding during morning or evening tooth brushing, this is a reason for concern. Untimely treatment of this gum disease is fraught with consequences. Periodontosis can later lead to tooth loss, because the loose gingival structure is not able to fix the tooth. And the feeling when the gum does not hide the tooth enough is also not the most pleasant.

What is periodontosis and how it differs from periodontitis

Periodontosis vs periodontitis. These definitions sound like synonyms for the ordinary people. In fact, the two types of gum disease are different. Periodontitis is a common disease for most people, but only about 8-10% suffer from periodontosis.

Gum disease treatment at Eurodent, Kyiv

What does the periodontosis affect? It is fully logical that it is periodontium (periodontal tissue). This is a collective definition that includes not only the gum, but also the root cement (a microlayer enveloping the tooth root), periodontium, and alveolar bone, that is, bone tissue.

  • Periodontosis is a disease of the tissues around one or more teeth, both soft and hard. And periodontitis affects the entire dentition.
  • Periodontitis is more aggressive, occurs in an acute course, and it must be treated without delay. Periodontosis may follow a chronic course over many years.
  • Periodontosis causes gum dystrophy, and periodontitis - its inflammation.
  • In the case of periodontitis, there is inflammation and swelling of the soft tissues; with periodontosis, the development of destructive processes leads to subsidence of the gums due to loss of bone tissue.
  • Terms starting from the disease onset to the loss of a tooth: in case of periodontosis - about 8 years, in case of periodontitis - much less.

The doctors of the dental clinic Eurodent help to find out what problem the patient addressed, and they will select the appropriate method of treatment.

The causes of periodontosis

The causes of both periodontosis and periodontitis are similar.

  • Bad habits.
  • Poor diet.
  • Lack of vitamins.
  • Frequent stress.
  • Poor metabolism.
  • Insufficient blood supply to the gums.

Moreover, the periodontosis may appear due to earlier cardiovascular or endocrine diseases, as well as due to genetic predisposition.

Any disease, no matter how insignificant it may seem, requires the intervention of a specialist. Therefore, do not postpone the visit to the dentist. The sooner he starts the treatment, the easier it will be.

Stages of periodontosis

It is difficult to single out the stages of periodontosis development, like that of periodontitis, since the disease often follows a chronic course, and then calms down, then flares up.

In the initial stage, periodontosis has no symptoms. However, symptoms appear later and, if you notise them, you need to contact your dentist.

  • The gums are thick but pale due to insufficient blood supply.
  • Bleeding gums.
  • Unpleasant smell from the mouth.
  • The tooth surface is sensitive to sour and sweet food, food and drink temperature.
  • The gums fall; therefore, the tooth neck becomes visible.
  • Tooth loosening. At a later stage, the teeth strongly diverge to the sides according to the type of "fan".
  • Changed state of enamel.

If you notice at least one of the symptoms of periodontosis (the gums began to bleed, the teeth are sensitive to sweet and cold, they become longer), make an appointment with the dentist.

Periodontosis treatment at Eurodent Dental Clinic

To identify the disease, the dentist relies on X-ray, panoramic and spot-film radiography, tomography of the jawbones. If necessary, for the treatment of periodontal tissue material is taken from the periodontal pocket for laboratory research.

Depending on the results of research, the doctor chooses the method of gums treatment. It may be a drug treatment, orthopedic, surgical, or symptomatic treatment. In some cases, plastic reconstruction of the gum contours and gum pockets is indicated.

The dental clinic also uses an innovative method – Vector-therapy. The Vector machine treats the affected area of soft tissue with ultrasound. It penetrates deep into the pocket, removes plaque, dental scale, and neutralizes bacteria and microorganisms.

Prevention of periodontosis

It is easier to prevent or at least delay the disease, than to treat the advanced case. So, do not ignore the following advice. It will help you to prevent the recurrence of the disease.

  • Follow proper oral hygiene.
  • Use auxiliary aids: floss, rinse.
  • Take vitamins and microelements.
  • Visits the dentist for examination and professional tooth cleaning.

Due to the fact, that periodontosis in the early stages is difficult to determine on its own, only periodontists can detect it. Moreover, the experts of the Eurodent clinic will do it in the best way.

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Price list for treatment of periodontosis

Procedure Price
Vector-therapy 1 jaw 3300 UAH
Vector-therapy (both jaws) 5300 UAH
Debridement of periodontal pockets in the area of 1 tooth 550 UAH
Non-surgical debridement (1 segment) 2250 UAH
Non-surgical debridement (1 jaw) 4200 UAH
Non-surgical debridement (2 jaws) 7140 UAH
Bacterial swab test 960 UAH
Laser biostimulation 550 UAH

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Консультация врача 500 грн
Консультация врача 500 грн
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