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Dental microscope opens up new vast opportunities in dental treatment. Bright focal light and multiple zooming provide continuous control in the course of treatment that guarantees an excellent result.

opens up new vast opportunities in dental treatment. Bright focal light and multiple zooming provide continuous control in the course of treatment that guarantees an excellent result.

Dental microscope is used in following areas:

1. To diagnose oral cavity

There are such clinical situations when a seemingly healthy tooth causes pain. An x-ray examination in such cases may not be enough. There are "pitfalls" as vertical cracks, perforations, calcifications, etc. The microscope is a serious assistant in diagnosing these problems. The correct diagnosis is effective dental treatment under the microscope.

2. To search for the main, additional and calcified root canals.

While using a microscope, a dentist can find difficult-to-find, “invisible”, additional, curved root canals, determine their patency, the presence of foreign bodies in them, and other individual characteristics of teeth. The discovery and treatment of additional canals is an essential component of the overall success of treatment.

3. For the retreatment of teeth (secondary endodontics)

Very often, for various reasons, poorly treated root canals can result in inflammation and often even tooth extraction. The predicted positive retreatment is possible only with a microscope. With its help, the course of the canal is determined, its already changed bends are taken into account, the infected walls of the root canal are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. And then the canals are hermetically filled with heated liquid gutta-percha, what is performed only under the microscope. Therewith the healthy tissues of the tooth root are preserved and the possibility of perforation is excluded. With the help of a microscope, we can even treat a tooth through a metal-ceramic crown, and thus, if necessary, save an expensive orthopedic structure.

4. To remove previously broken dental instruments and posts

The necessary re-treatment of the tooth is often impossible because of the breakdown of the part of the tool left in the process of previous treatment. In the untreated part of the canal live bacteria, the waste products of which lead to inflammation. The chances of removing the instrument with a microscope are almost 99%.

5. For perforation and resorption coverage

A microscope is needed to identify and correct existing changes in the tooth tissues that have arisen after treatment. Perforations inside the canal can be adequately covered using the revolutionary material MTA. It has a unique biocompatibility, is hydrophilic and is able to stimulate the healing process and osteogenesis. Its spotting on perforation or resorption is technically difficult even under a microscope, and it is absolutely impossible when doing it without a microscope. Properly closed perforations restore the function of the tooth for many years.

6. Treating of teeth with unformed roots

Teeth in children and adolescents often have not fully formed roots. This seriously complicates the treatment process. When treating such teeth, the material inside the canal is absorbed, which leads to the destruction of the tooth and its subsequent extraction. The artificial closure of the tooth apex, as well as stimulation of forming the apex of the tooth root, is also possible only with a microscope.

7. Dental caries diagnosis

Our clinic pays great attention to preventive dentistry. We all know that prevention is a significant contribution to our health. The concept of preventive treatment consists of three basic principles:

  • Prevent illness.
  • Prevent complications if you get sick.
  • Do not allow recurrence after recovery.

It is very important to detect latent damage to the tooth in time to prevent it from decay.

Spot-film radiography + Spot-film radiography

We have listed only a small part of the opportunities that we have with the advent of a new era of the microscope.

Use innovative technologies and your teeth will serve you for a long time!

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